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Adventure Tours are set up for the more intrepid explorer. Ecuador is able to provide a varied and exhilarating experience for the ambitious beginner to even the highly experienced adventurer.


From trekking to hiking to white water rafting, Ecuador offers an adventure for anyone. The magnificent mountain peaks, plunging valleys, and rolling will match your experience with truly magnificent scenery. Not to forget is the rich cultural heritage of Ecuador that will be ever present on whatever tour you chose to travel.




Adventure tours are far varied in Ecuador and will suit the interest of many of many travelers.


Examples of Adventure Tours:

White Water Raftin on the Toachin and Blanco Rivers

Climbing along the Avenue of the Volcanoes

Climbing the Pichincha, North Illiniza, and Cotopaxi

Climb Chimborazo Mountain

Climb Cotopaxi Volcano

Horseback Riding in the Andes

Walking from North to South

Trek along the Old Inca Trail

Chimborazo and Carihuairazo Trek

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